Dec 25, 2016By Rakesh Ranjan Biswal

Puducherry also known as Pondy affectionately is situated in the south east region of india. Till 1954 it was under the French rule, so some people here still speak french. Nuemrous restaurants & lifestyle shops still cater marvelous french  cuisines

Old pondy which was earlier the french colony is worth visiting with quite, clean streets lined with bougainvillea-draped colonial-era townhouses numbered in an almost logical manner.

There are different ways to reach pondy from bangalore. We took the longer one as the roads were in perfect condition to cruise.

There are a lot of other places to visit, however as time was a constraint we spent the first day sightseeing and the other day  in auroville.Tanto's pizza was a treat, the best big italian pizza you can find in pondy.

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Places of Interest


It is an experimental village based on the ideology of humanity & sanctity. This place is famous for matrimandi the epitome of tranquility. The visitor's center has various things to offer starting from handwoven garmets to scented candles, all kind of local produce are offered at a reasonable price.

The information center houses the history of auroville which is worth visiting. If you have ample time in hand make advance booking for the guest house and explore the village as there is a lot to offer than you think.

Not to be missed: Visitors center, matrimandir, solar kitchen, tanto's pizza


As the name suggests the beach in fact used to look like a paradise. However the 2015 cyclone swept away all the flora fauna on the beach, all left was sand & sea weed. The tourism department however has made an effort to restore the island to its earlier glory. Although different than what it used to be it is an ideal location to relax. Word of advise is to visit the chunnambar boathouse before 10am, after that it really gets crowded.


OId pondy was formerly the french colony. This place is worth visiting for its french architecture & delicous quisines. Baker street houses some best french restaurants catering to pastries & other french savouries. Dont miss the cafe es arts


The rocky strech is relaxing and you would want to spend several hours. We came across some good restaurants that serve wine & food. If you crave for beer and sunset this is an ideal place -the promenade.

Ride:RE Thunderbird 350 CC
Trip ODO reading: 1080 kms
Route taken from Bangalore to Puducherry:  Silkboard>Hosur>Krishnagiri>Ambur>Vellore>Puducherry
Route from Puducherry to Bangalore :  Puducherry>Vellore>Ambur>Krishnagiri>Hosur>Bangalore

Although distance wise this route is 385kms, however the intention was to try the ambur biryani amidst the journey.

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